Friday, March 30, 2012

Needing Mommy Advice!

Ok my dear blogger friends... I am in some dire need of some advice or your comments in general! First off, we're getting closer and closer to Reagan being here..... which means I should be getting all of the rest I can, right?! HA! Wrong! I have a terrible cold/sinus infection and have been so busy with Clayton's party... plus the things that I am about to ask you about!

Second time moms... did you notice a big change in braxton hicks contractions between your first and second? With Clayton I barely felt them. I pretty much only had them at the very end of the pregnancy before it was time to go be induced. With Reagan I am already having them and yesterday they became much stronger and more frequent. Not enough to be real contractions, but a definite sign that labor is on the way (who knows when!). I just wonder if it is normal to notice them more your second time, or for them to be stronger your second time.

Ok, now, my second issue is that Clayton has been waking up at night recently. From the time he started sleeping through the night (about 4 months old) until just a week ago he has slept nearly 12 hours a night like a little angel. I had a pampers email sent to me about what he should be doing during this time and it actually talked about how when babies become mobile they start to freak out about their independence and need Mommy/Daddy time in the middle of the night. The past few nights it has been 4am, 5am, and 4:30am. All three times we had to take him downstairs and put him in bed with us. He also took a bottle to go back to sleep which he never does. So, I don't know if it is growth spurt or seriously needing us. Last night, bless my mom's heart, she was trying to take care of him for us and he freaked out worse until I took him downstairs to our room. Could have been the change of routine...

So, anyone have any good advice for me? I'm going crazy! I need sleep! Between contractions, Clayton, the cold, and having to pee, I am going to fall apart! Thanks for the help in advance! ;-)


  1. I noticed Thr Braxton Hicks a lot more. I think you just know what they are and so you recognize it better but also your body has already been there done that, so it's prepping earlier.
    Rayleigh is almost three and we have had issues with her waking up at night too. Hers has been since after Harper was born, but I feel your pain. I think thy can sense when change is coming and it affects their behavior and sleep. He's about at the age where they can start having bad dreams too, so it may be that. Sometimes they just need mommy! Good luck to all of you! Can't wait to see pics of Miss Reagan!

  2. I did notice that my braxton hicks came sooner with my second pregnancy, mine started around 37 weeks. I thought Kayla was going to come at 37 weeks, but they ended up stopping not too long after and she decided to come a week late. As for Clayton, both my kids did that as well. Haley was pretty easy, pop the paci back in her mouth and she was fine. I didn't give it to Kayla but from month 2-6 so that didn't help. She was my problem child with getting up at night for a while. I am not a fan of co-sleeping, once they get used to sleeping in bed with you it is a very hard habit for them to break, especially once the new baby comes, of course this is just my opinion.

    1. The reason you notice your braxton hicks contractions more the 2nd time around.... your uterus has been stretch out before, so it will be looser and feel things more the 2nd time around. I started feeling contractions at 22 weeks with Jacob. Then they stopped until I was 34 weeks. I would feel them more after just doing some kind of activity... grocery shopping, walking around the block... etc. Feeling them more often and stronger the second time around is normal :)

      The waking up thing... I remember my kids doing that... any sign of 1 year molars coming in?? Kaitlyn got hers early... so it is possible. The trick... let him cry it out. Should only take 2-3 nights, and he'll realize you're not coming in. It's VERY hard to listen to... but he will be a better sleeper again because of it. BUT, if may be that he's hit a growth spurt, and could just need a little snack.

      I also am highly against co-sleeping. Bad habit to break, but it's also not good for your marriage. How will you give them more brothers and sisters if you have babies in your bed? lol Mommy and Daddy's bed is for them only.

      You're the Mama, so you ultimately decide what he needs. Hope this helps :)