Saturday, October 8, 2011

Six Months!

Happy Six Month, HALF-A-YEAR, Birthday, Clayton Scott!

We cannot believe that our baby boy is already half a year old. Wow. Time has been flying by, and you have been impressing us daily with all of your new skills and talents! You've made a lot of progress this past month with all of your physical developments. You can sit for a long period of time without falling over, as long as you lean forward or sit up straight. Sometimes you get a bit too ambitious when going for your toys and you fall over!  You can stand if you hold on to something for a while as well! We have to stand you up first though. No pulling up yet! Lastly, you finally figured out how to use your arms and you can now get up on all four limbs and rock back and forth. It's only a matter of time before you crawl! You will go after toys and can turn circles, but haven't figured out the whole moving forward thing yet! That's ok with Mommy! We still need to baby-proof the house!

This month you started eating vegetables and you've loved everything we've tried. We had to change your diet from soy milk to cow's milk, so you've been off your veggies for about a week. Before that we tried sweet potatoes, green beans, and squash! Squash was definitely your favorite of the three! You would eat your whole bowl and even eat more! We stopped the rice cereal all together because you hated it, and it was only adding to your constipation issues. (You can thank me for the embarrassment later, but yes, you have trouble pooping!)

I wrote about it when it happened, but you had TWO teeth come in this month! You had been teething since you were three months old, so we knew that you were working on something! One day we felt in your mouth and - voila! - two teeth! They are your bottom teeth and they are super sharp! You now like to chew on things and scrape your teeth against it, such as the spoon, or a toy. Maybe it feels good on those gums!

We still get compliments everywhere we go on how you are the happiest and smiley-est baby ever. You are just always so happy! Mommy and Daddy barely even know what to do when you are fussy because we never have to deal with it!!! We love how happy you are! After all, what is there to be sad about? You're pretty spoiled and special! ;-)

You have started to have a bit of boredom issues. If you are in the same place too long then you'll start to get fussy, or your new thing is that you'll just start to scream! You'll even carry on conversations with us.... through screaming back and forth! You have learned how to use your voice in other ways though! You can say "da-da-da". You will copy us as we say it and move our mouths. It's precious! We're pretty sure you don't know who you're talking about yet! Too bad I can't get you to say "ma-ma-ma"!!!

Once we moved you into your crib you've really gotten into a bedtime routine, and it is GLORIOUS! You start to get tired around 7:30-8, and are usually asleep within 15 minutes of us taking you up to your room. You must like the atmosphere we have set up in there! You have a sound machine that plays classical music all night, and a helicopter night-light that shines just enough light! You sleep so well now! Most mornings you do not wake up until at least 7:30. This is a huge improvement from last month, as it was a miracle if you slept past 7! Some mornings we have to get you up and take you to work in your PJ's since you're still sleeping! We hate waking you up, but we gotta get to work!

You are still coming to work with us almost every day. You go to daycare on Tuesday's and every other Friday. You are the HIT of the daycare! When we bring you in all of the little kids swarm around you saying "Clayton, Clayton!". They think you are too cute! You're the only baby so you get plenty of attention! Not like you mind! ;-)

Growth wise you are still perfectly average! Your height and weight are still in the 50th percentile! You just moved into 6-9 month clothing, but the whole previous month you were exclusively wearing 3-6mo. You still wear a good amount of your 3-6 clothes, but your PJ's are getting too short and so are some of your pants. You're in a size 3 diaper, which will fit another month probably.

Some BIG news this month was that we finally announced that you're going to be a big brother!!! We've known since shortly after your 4 month birthday, but waited a while to tell everyone! We know that you'll be an amazing big brother, whether the new baby is a boy or a girl! You'll be best friends hopefully since you'll be so close in age!

Some of your likes and dislikes: You love your links, exersaucer, the toy bar on your carseat, baths, screaming (hehe), your taggies ball, and your crinkly book. You love sitting upright and napping in your swing, oh and we can't forget your PACI! You do not like being held like a baby, sleeping on your back (you sleep on your stomach most nights, even though we put you to sleep on your back), and you don't like being put down when you're in the mood to be held. Other than that you are so truly happy!

Each month you grow more and more, and we love you more and more. Who knew that was even possible? You are so amazing and you have brought immense joy to everyone's lives.

We love you so much, sweet boy! Happy Birthday!


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