Thursday, October 13, 2011

Medical Update #2

First off, I apologize greatly for this update taking so long. I know that I have left a bunch of people wondering what was up! On Monday, shortly after I posted my update, my OB's office called and said that the Perinatologist in Midland wanted to see me right away, as in an hour from then I had an appointment! We live 45 minutes from town keep in mind, so I had to be the slowest fast person ever! Haha! I still don't know the technical rules of bed rest when you are having to go in for an appointment and what not! So, I got up, got dressed, and we headed in to Midland. Waiting at the doctor's office felt like an eternity, but actually took less time than normal. The ultrasound tech did my sonogram first, and shortly after the doctor came in to assess. There we received the best news - NO PREVIA. He said that there was no way both himself and the other doctor, both who specialize in high-risk pregnancies and who have seen countless cases of previa, could miss it on the ultrasound. He said that more than likely the radiologist reading my scans from the ER mistook a clot to be part of my uterus, and well yes, the clot was touching the cervix. He said without a doubt I did not have placenta previa. Secondly, he said the baby looked great. Measurements were right on and we could actually even see all 4 chambers of the heart perfectly. He said that was impressive for being 13 weeks along. The hematoma was barely visible as well and he said that there was still some blood echoing back on the sono, but that we should not worry about it anymore. Granted, things can always change, and so if I ever start to bleed or cramp again I am to go straight to their office, NOT the hospital.

So, basically the ER scared the sh*t out of us for nothing. Well, things were not going well for me on Sunday but it was apparently just working itself out. I still know that we are not in the clear yet. I go back for another appointment with them in less than 5 weeks. Plus I'll see my regular OB between then. It's been such a rollercoaster of emotions. One day we think I'm miscarrying, the next we think everything is fine, the next we think I will be on bedrest for 6 months and deliver cesarean, the next I'm fine...... OYE. I stayed home Tuesday to keep recovering physically and emotionally. The whole ordeal this past week really took it out on me. It's hard to believe how fast everything changed from one extreme to the other, but I am confident that the Perinatologist's know what they are talking about. But you can bet your sweet bottom that if anything else happens I won't mind getting a second opinion!

I have to give a HUGE shout out to our best friends who MAJORLY helped us out through this whole thing. Not only is it wonderful to lean on them for medical advice, but they asked opinions of other doctors, checked in on me every day, and made sure that we knew they were there for us... even though they are super busy with their own lives and had their family visiting!

My mom came down on Monday (driving in a scared panic I'm sure) and has been helping out around the house and keeping Clayton. It has been so amazing to have her here. I feel so much more at ease with her here, knowing that if anything happens she's right there to help! Now I have to work on my relaxing, try to take it easy when I can, and make sure that I take super good care of me and this little blessing growing inside of me. God really wants this baby here, and so do we! =) We'll do anything we can to make sure that our little one stays healthy!

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