Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rough Few Days

The past few days in the Hillger household have been terrible to say the least. I'm choosing to write about this on my blog because a) I want a recollection of it, and b) The only people that reallly read my blog are people I care about and wouldn't mind hearing this story anyway! So, here's what happened....... OH, and if you have a weak stomach or are super emotional right now, you might not want to read!

Tuesday I was at work, going about my business as usual. I was just sitting at my desk, working away, when all of a sudden I started to feel wet. I knew I was not having bladder control issues, because it just didn't feel like that. I rushed to the bathroom and sat down as fast as I could. By this point my pants and underwear were soaked. I looked down into the toilet and saw that what I was leaking, in my mind gushing, was blood. Bright red blood. I started shaking and crying. The only thing I could think of was that I was having a miscarriage. Although, I hadn't had any cramping or pain. I opened the door a crack and started screaming for Darren. Keep in mind, I work with my inlaws. My father in law was across the hallway in his office and heard me shouting. I told him that I needed Darren. He ran to go get him from the warehouse. When Darren walked in his face turned white. I described the scene to my mom as a Freddy Kruger scene. Ok, that is a little dramatic, but there was blood all over myself and the toilet. Darren hugged me and tried to ask what was going on. All I remember was saying that I thought I was having a miscarriage. Darren asked if we needed to call Carylon and I said "YES!". So he left the bathroom to go get Carylon's phone number and called her at work. In the mean time, my mother in law had heard us in the bathroom and probably heard me crying, so wanted to come in. She hugged me and told me it would be ok. Darren came back and had Carylon on the phone. She told me to breathe and calm down some. Since I did not have any cramping or pains she was not convinced that I was having a miscarriage, but could not be certain unless I came in. So, Darren and I rushed out, drove to our house so I could get some clean clothes, and then hauled butt to Big Spring. We made it there in probably 20 minutes tops. Once there we were immediately able to go into an exam room and Carylon came in shortly after to do the ultrasound. The minute she put the wand (I don't know the technical term) on my stomach we saw our baby, and it was jumping around. Whew..... We then were able to see the heartbeat. Another Whew.... Carylon then did a pelvic exam to make sure my cervix was still closed, and thank goodness it was. So, we had no answer as to what had happened, but we knew that for the time being our baby was ok. She suggested we go see the perinatologist in Midland, a specialist in high-risk pregnancies and other complications. The worst part was I could not get an appointment until this afternoon! So, all day Wednesday I stayed at home on bed rest, trying to take care of my baby as best I could. I had slight spotting throughout the day and some cramping, but nothing severe. Thursday morning I again stayed home and rested, and we were able to go to the appointment this afternoon. Once at the appointment the tech did an ultrasound and reassured us that the baby was doing fine. We again got to see our little one and his/her heartbeat. Then the doc came in and when he did the ultrasound immediately found the source of the problem. I had a hematoma (sp) on my uterus. Apparently the hematoma had bled out, thus causing me to bleed out. It also explained the slight spotting as it is still emptying. He reassured us that it did not affect the baby at all, and that it was actually common. He told us that it does not mean that everything will be ok the remainder of the pregnancy, but he is not worried that it will cause further problems. I do have to take it easy and am on pelvic rest for the time being, so as to not irritate anything else further. We were SO glad to finally have a reason as to what happened, and SO glad to hear that it did not affect our baby at all. The blood did not enter the placenta at all.

Through all of this I prayed and prayed. I knew that if something happened then it would be for a reason, but I just prayed that God would protect our little one... and He did. We are so truly blessed. I know that this all could have ended about a thousand different ways, with much worse outcomes. I will glady take my instructions of pelvic rest and general rest. I am going to take care of this baby as best I can! I told Darren that God TRULY wants this baby to be here.... maybe he/she will be the next President, or as Darren said, find the cure for cancer! You never know! God brought this baby to us, and God is helping us throughout this pregnancy, and we are SO incredibly blessed to know He is there! God is good!!!!

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