Friday, October 7, 2011

Dr. Google

I know that I have in the past, and even since Tuesday, promised myself that I would not over google. I would not resort to Dr. Google because "he" always assumes the worst, or so I have noticed. Regardless, I succumbed to my curiosity and began googling. I found one medical journal where they had studied a bunch of different women with SCH - oh yes, I now have a term for my diagnosis.... Subchorionic Hematoma, aka SCH. Anyway, the main outcome was either decreased birth weight, preterm labor, or placenta previa and other placental issues. Then, I found a support group on babycenter with a ton of other women who have/had been diagnosed with SCH. This was great because now I had real life people and their stories! However... most of the stories did not have happy endings, thus freaking me out more. Apparently, from what I can gather, if the hematoma does not resolve itself by about 20 weeks then we are in a heap of trouble. Maybe that is why the perinatologist wants to see me again at 18 weeks. Either way I am struggling with not worrying myself too much. I know that worrying can only lead to stress, that of which I am not supposed to have right now! I'm supposed to be taking it easy and taking care of my body and my baby as best as possible. Easier said then done!! ;-)

So, if you would please, say some prayers for us and our baby-to-be. Regardless of the outcome this is still a scary situation for us and we are praying that God will take care of us and our wonderful blessing.

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