Monday, October 10, 2011

Medical Update

Well, dear readers... things have not gotten better, and instead have gotten a little worse. Yesterday around lunch I started to have heavy bleeding and cramping. I knew that this was not good so we called in to the hospital and they said to come in. Unfortunately since I was under 20 weeks they would not see me in Labor & Delivery, so we had to go to the ER. My favorite place - not! Once there we waited for a while and finally had an ultrasound. Fortunately the baby was still doing fine and was jumping all over the place. The bad news was that my hematoma looked HUGE. Compared to the sonogram from Thursday, the thing looked like it had doubled in size, at least. Ok, so that sort of explains the bleeding, we thought. Then after waiting another hour for the report of the ultrasound to come back in, the doctor came in and told me that the placenta was really low, and was previa. Placenta previa. Horrible words to hear. Yes, there is a possibility that it could migrate higher since I am only 13 weeks, however, in most cases this means that you are on bed rest a good chunk of the pregnancy, and the baby has to be delivered early via c-section. These are all things I can handle (or I am making myself be able to handle) so long as the baby is ok. We still don't know that everything is and will be ok. I'm waiting on my OB to call in to the Perinatologist in Midland right now to see me for another appointment. I hate this waiting game. It's horrible. I know that doctors are busy, but come on! This is an emergency! This makes me a high-risk pregnancy... shouldn't that take precedence? Oye... I'm just so frustrated right now from the constant waiting game, and I just want to hear what is going on in layman terms. I have a huge list of questions to ask the doctor. FIRST off, why did they not see the previa at my appointment on Thursday? And, why did I bleed all day yesterday?!

As I learn more I'll keep updating on here... in the mean time, pray, pray, pray!!!!!!!!

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