Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our first overnight trip, and more!

This past weekend we headed up to Lubbock to watch our friend Evan become Dr. Evan, and to attend Liliana's 1st Birthday party! It was such a great weekend, but a little sad since they are now moving to Little Rock for Evan's Urology Residency. We are going to miss having them only a short drive away! Anyway... you should have seen me packing on Thursday night. It was quite amusing. This was our first overnight trip with Clayton, so you can imagine I packed everything but the kitchen sink! I mean, we were staying in a big town and all... it's not like it would have been the end of the world if I forgot something! ;-) I packed two diaper bags, a big duffle bag for myself and Darren, the pack n play, stroller, formula and 6 bottles, bathing necessities just in case, 5 outfits for Clayton, and then all of the things we were bringing to the party/graduation. The pickup was loaded down! Did I mention this was a one night trip? We were gone for just over 24 hours! hehe...

The graduation was Friday afternoon and even after Clayton had been in his car-seat all morning he was an amazing baby. We even had strangers come up to us after graduation was over and compliment us on what a great baby he was. We know! ;-) Evan was hooded as Dr. Evan Lacefield by his amazing wife, Cristina! She had the privilege of hooding him since she has her JD. After graduation we all went to Ruby Tequilas and had an amazing fajita dinner and spent time talking and congratulating Evan! Clayton was a hit, especially with the Grandma's! =) He was so happy to be passed around and snuggled! After the party we headed back to Uncle Trey and Aunt Leslie's house so they could have some time with Clayton and so we could get some shut-eye!

Saturday morning we got up and went to Cristina & Evan's house for Liliana's First Birthday party!! I still can't believe that she is already a year old! Liliana looked beautiful and super cute as always! She was so good while opening her presents! Then it was time for the smash cake! Her party was cupcake themed so Cristina and Evan's mom had made Liliana a giant cupcake to smash. She tore into it! It was pretty funny! I think she wanted to eat the whole thing! Clayton slept through the excitement.. go figure! But, he was mentally preparing himself for his own 1 year birthday which is in 10 short months! (At the rate that time is flying by right now I am already preparing myself for this occasion!). For Liliana's present I had made her a book on shutterfly with pictures from her first year of life. It was a big hit! I had 4 more orders from people wanting copies! I should start a business! ;-) We also gave her an A&M dress and I told Darren I was going to buy myself one just in case we ever had a girl because I thought it was so cute! We had a great little trip but it was sad to leave Cristina, Evan, and Liliana. We'll be visiting soon though! We must!

Other than traveling a bunch, we've been watching Clayton grow like a weed! He's going to be 2 months old in 6 days! OMG! He is filling our lives with such joy. He smiles at us so often! We are going to do his baptism in June, so this weekend we have to go through the baptismal classes for sponsors and parents. His godparents are going to be Uncle Trey and Aunt Leslie! Lucky kid! Nana (my mom) is going to come visit for the baptism, so we can't wait!!!

This summer is going to be very busy for us, but after our "trial run" of traveling this weekend, we are confident that it will be a great summer! Here's a small glimpse of what's on our plate: San Antonio, Ruidoso, Las Vegas/Kingman/Flagstaff, Dallas, Little Rock! Whew!!!!

Oh, a side note.. please pray for rain. It has been so horribly dry here and windy. The wildfires have been out of control. Last week Darren was gone for over 10 hours fighting a huge fire at the county line. I love that he is a volunteer firefighter, but it also scares the crap out of me! So, pray for rain! =)

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  1. i'm glad you got to see evan graduate! i read cristina's blog, too! love her!

    and yes, rain would be lovely.

    i'm in conroe, just north of houston, and it's just as needed here as it is where you are.

    i found a drought map that shows the progress of the drought over the past two months or so, and as it progresses, more of texas is threatened by it. the areas that are most seriously affected are a deep, deep red. and the red spreads so much, so quickly that the map makes texas look like she's bleeding. it makes me very, very sad.