Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just call me Mrs. Multi-tasker...

I have to toot my own horn here for a little bit. I feel really accomplished! This semester I managed to accomplish the following: Work full time (often 40+ hours), Teach CCD classes (an hour plus every week), Grow a baby, HAVE a baby, and complete 3 hours of my graduate degree. All of this and I STILL managed to get an A in my class! I am so pumped! This course was terrible. I took a course called Program Evaluation and basically it was a research class on how evaluations are done and why. It was so boring, not to mention since it was online I had to read the book and teach myself everything. We had a major project that spanned the entire semester. One of the deadlines was the day before Clayton was born. So, yes, I was BUSY. I am excited because I feel like I know I can handle grad school and having Clayton now. I know that I may be a little crazy at times to think that I can get all of this done, and I do realize the stress that it puts on my life. Grad school has been a major goal of mine and I am so glad that I am getting the opportunity to meet this goal. I couldn't have done any of this though without my wonderful husband and all of his help.

Right now I happen to be watching tv, blogging, and rocking Clayton all at the same time. Hehe.. multi-task much? ;-)

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