Friday, May 13, 2011

6 weeks already!

Yesterday marked 6 weeks since our little boy made his appearance into this world! Time is seriously, SERIOUSLY, flying by! He is changing daily and it is so much fun to watch him grow. I feel so blessed that he is able to come to work with me or else I'd feel like I was missing all of these changes! He is now smiling a lot and awake for longer periods of time. It's a little challenging to entertain him, since he still can't play with toys, but for the most part it's not been too hard! I wish my mom were still here though to see all of this new personality that he is sharing with us. I miss her!!!

At 6 weeks postpartum you go back for a checkup to make sure that you healed, you know, down there... and to make sure your cervix/uterus are back to normal. My appointment went well and I got the clean bill of health from Carylon! Of course little Clayton had to come with me so that everyone could see him and so Carylon could get a little time with him!

I've still been struggling with breastfeeding. I get frustrated with my supply, which makes me not even want to pump as much as I should. It's a double edged sword for sure because as I feed him more formula, my supply keeps decreasing. I need to be pumping every two hours and drinking myself silly (water people, water!), but I just haven't yet. I get sad when I think about not being able to give him breastmilk, but then I don't do anything about it... what the heck?! I came to this realization the other day... my body seriously does not know how to be a mother. It took medicine to get me pregnant. It took medicine to get me un-pregnant. And now I can barely breastfeed. What is going on?! I pray that my body has realized how to handle all of these things and that it all goes better with our next child.

In other news, we're trying to nail down a date for Clayton's baptism. It's been difficult because we're about to play "priest roulette". Our priest, Father Francis, has been gone learning Spanish in some South American country for the past 6 months. When he returns he will only be here for less than a month before they are shipping him off to another parish. Father Q, who we have had since Father Francis left, will only be here a short while longer before they are shipping him off. I would love for Father Francis to get to do the baptism, as he baptized me and married us! However, I also really like Father Q! I just really would not like a stranger to baptize him. I know it really doesn't matter but I just feel as if it would be better to know the priest. Hopefully we can get a date soon! My mom is going to get to come back to visit when he is baptized, so the sooner the better! =)

6 weeks.... It all is happening so fast. It feels like my pregnancy dragged on, and now that he is here time is just flying! It's true when they tell you to cherish every moment of every day!!!


  1. I am going to tell you this as nicely as possible ... saying "your body does not know how to be a mother" is just about the silliest thing I have EVER heard. (1) You will NEVER know if the Clomid did it that month, or if that would have been the month anyway ... as you know there are a BILLION factors that make it a success that month or not, (2) it took medicine to make you un-pregnant because Clayton loved you SO much already that he didn't even want to be two seconds away from you, and (3) breastfeeding isn't going super well because the kid likes formula! So there. ; ) Love ya! You are a GREAT Mommy. You are a BILLION times more patient than me ALREADY. Can't wait to see him and give him kisses soon!

  2. Oh and FYI ... just because you don't breastfeed doesn't mean you're not a Mother. I know there are a million opinions on this topic, but trust me, when Liliana was sick a few weeks ago and my heart broke for her, I was a mother, whether I breastfed or formula fed.

  3. Try some mother's milk tea for your supply you can get it at most health food stores. Also drinking 1 can of beer can do wonders for supply issues. Plus 1 can doesn't harm baby just might make him sleep well. I had some issues with breastfeeding as my first was preemie so feel free to send questions my way if need be. Good luck.