Monday, May 2, 2011

One Month

Happy One Month Birthday, Clayton!

We can't believe that you have already been in our lives for a whole month now! It seems like just yesterday we were pacing back and forth, waiting for contractions to start! You have changed so much in the past month, yet you are still the same gorgeous baby. You light up our lives, and I know that sounds cheesy, but you really do!

Let's see what your first month held... Well, of course, you were brought home from the hospital to our house - a major achievement! You had your first doctors appointment and were right on the growth chart for both height and weight. As the doctor said, you were perfectly normal! We were worried about your bili levels at first, but luckily they went down and you did not have to spend any time under the lights! We gave you your first bath, which you did not like! However, once we figured out that you just don't want to be cold, you haven't cried since! Now you enjoy bath time! You try to roll over when you're on your tummy, but your arms aren't quite strong enough yet so you don't make it all of the way. You do however manage to squirm around so much in your crib or cradle that you are turned about 45 degrees from the position we put you in when we go to pick you up, so you are definitely strong!

You are really a good baby. You hardly every cry, which makes Mommy and Daddy super happy! We've only ever heard you cry a few times, and even then it is only for less than a minute. We are very blessed! You are finally starting to eat every 4 to 5 hours. At the beginning you would only go about every 2 hours. You are still breastfeeding, but we also supplement with formula. This helps your tummy and helps you sleep better at night. You are starting to stay awake for longer periods during the day and we love to interact with you. You stare into our eyes and make all of your little grunting noises.

You think you're a lot older than you are because you held your head on your own at about 4 days old, and have moved it pretty well ever since. When we lay you on our chests you can lift your head and look around, then put it down gently. You also try to crawl off of us when you're on our chests. That is your favorite position to lay in. You love to snuggle on someones chest... usually Daddy's! You're a great baby too because you take a pacifier, but you don't have to always have it. Mommy was reluctant to give you your paci at first, but figured it was easier to take the paci away then your fingers... which, by the way, you found your thumb and sucked on it at 4 days old!

You were soooo blessed to have had your Nana stay with us all month. You love your Nana very much! She always knows what to do when your tummy hurts, and she sings you the best songs! You had so many visitors this month because everyone wanted to come see you! You're pretty special, seeing as you are the first grandbaby for both sets of grandparents! Your Pop and Gia come over just about every other day to visit you and you always love time with them!

Growth wise you are still wearing newborn clothes, but can fit into some 0-3 sized clothes. You are just about to outgrow the newborn sized diapers, but the size 1 are still pretty dang big on you, so we're not quite sure what to do! You definitely know how to go through the diapers!! Mommy and Daddy have finally figured out how to efficiently change you, so you no longer pee all over us and our bedspread!

You still get the hiccups at least twice a day. You had them all of the time in Mommy's tummy, so we were not surprised! Most of the time you don't mind them, but every once in a while they will make you mad. But, like I said, you don't cry very often, so it is mostly just more grunts!

Speaking of grunting noises (as I listen to you make them right now), you make them all of the time! Even in your sleep. Mommy had to learn that you were not always awake when you made the noises! You are sleeping in our room right now because your room is upstairs. We thought you would not ever sleep in your cradle because you don't like laying flat (thank you gassy tummy), but we made a little wedge out of blankets and now you don't mind sleeping there! You did sleep in your bouncer for about a week because Mommy did not know what to do anymore! Sorry!

You bring so much joy into our lives and we cannot even remember what life was like without you! Ok, maybe that is a lie! But, our lives are so much better now that you are here! We love you so much and can't wait to watch you grow! Your future mother-in-law, Cristina, is writing letters to your future bride, Liliana, so that is where Mommy got the idea to write to you! Now you will have a great documented memory of your life!!


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