Friday, February 1, 2013

Nine Months!

(Pictures to come!)

Happy Nine Month Birthday, Reagan E!

Mommy gets a big F this month for not posting your birthday report until now. Next month I promise to get an A! ;-) We've just been so busy trying to get you and your brother healthy lately that time has just seriously flown by! We are ready for warmer weather and are hoping that will bring some healthier kiddos!

This month you really took off in your developments! You started cruising along the furniture and hardly ever just stay in one place, whether that is walking along something, or crawling! You follow your brother wherever he goes and can almost keep up with how quickly he changes from toy to toy! ;-) You also started walking behind a push toy this month! You don't like it too much because your arms get ahead of your legs, but you do alright! I'm sure this next month you'll really get the hang of it!

Verbally you started repeating bye-bye and waving!!!! We were so proud of you! You say "bu-bu" but wave at the same time, so we know what you mean! You also started giving us open mouth kisses this month! They are so sweet, but so slobbery! haha!

You still hate your carseat. This makes Mommy & Daddy very sad! We even changed you to a different one thinking that the new one we bought you was uncomfortable. Nope... no change! You do fine as long as it is not long distances, or if you can just take a nap. You also hate when we get your PJ's on after a bath. I guess we are just not quick enough and you are too cold! Once we are done you quit crying instantly! Too funny!

You and your brother have so much fun together and we love watching you day to day. His new favorite thing is to wrestle with you. We've had to get on to him a few times for being too rough, and one day he even bit you! Your first bite! =( He felt really bad afterwards though. We know it was just play but we still had to scold him!

Gia nicknamed you her Mona Lisa because you always have this little smirk on your face. You're a happy girl and we love your big smiles too, but your little grin is just adorable! When you and brother are playing you make this cackling laugh that is too funny!!! You have a pretty deep voice so Pop calls you Kathleen Turner.... you'll learn all about these two references later in life! hehe!

Pretty much since the day you were born you've been teething, haha, and your two top teeth have still not come in. Some days are worse than others where the drool just pours out of your mouth. Lovely, huh? We keep bibs on you if we want to make sure your outfit stays nice and dry! Hopefully they'll come in soon and you can be relieved of the pain for a while!

You still only get to eat the Stage 2 Gerber baby foods since you can't tolerate any real solid foods. You eat nearly a whole jar or cup each time! Your favorite is pears. You take a bottle of 6 ounces every 4 hours during the day as well. Sometimes you go a little longer if you had a lot of food, but we need to fatten you up anyway so we don't mind feeding you!

Speaking of - at your 9 month appointment your stats had dropped off significantly. Your doctor said it could be from the throwing up, or it could be the way you grow. You only weighed 17lbs 3oz and were 26" long. You went from the 42% in weight to the 22%, and the 43% in height to the 13%. Your head went from 25% to 12%! You just shrank right up! We are hoping everything will work itself out but we don't know yet - you're still puking! More to come on that in your next monthly letter!

You still wear 6-9mo clothes and are now a size 3 diaper. Shoes - ha - not sure! ;-) We don't ever put you in shoes. Those are just pointless for babies! You still get up once a night at least, sometimes more... but other times you sleep all night. It's random! We feed you though when you wake since you are still so tiny. Need to fatten you up!

You are so precious and we love you so much. It kills us to see you struggle with your tummy, or whatever the issue may be. We are working on it, I promise! We love you, sister girl! Happy Birthday!!!!


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