Monday, February 4, 2013

Clayton at 22 Months!

Oh my goodness, we are getting so close to my baby boy being 2 years old! Cue Mommy cry-fest! =( He is growing up so fast and getting smarter and cuter by the day - if that is possible! Here are some highlights (or lowlights, ha!) from the past month!

- Knows these shapes: Triangle, Heart, Square, Circle (little harder on the circle)
- Knows these colors: Purple, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Black, Pink (So, pretty much all of them!)
- Speaks in full sentences all of the time and for the most part we understand everything, or most of what he says!
- Loves to wrestle with Sister, but tends to bite when he gets really excited.
- Already got one of the 2 year molars in! Has all the rest of his teeth besides the remaining 3!
- Knows his name is Clayton "Kaykon" and Sister's name is "Reagan E!" haha, it's too cute!
- Sings these songs in addition to the others: Jesus Loves Me, Mary Had a Little Lamb, the Go-Go song
- Now obsessed with his Reveille pillow, Angry Birds blanket, and Go-Go (Cat in the hat) stuffed animal and must have them with him to sleep at night or get ready for bed. Sometimes wants to drag them downstairs when he wakes up. But, he will sleep without them - such as at daycare!
- Will tell you whether he'd rather sit in a big boy chair or the highchair for meals
- Wants to read the Goodnight Aggieland book every night before bed, THEN the Pooh bear book. He even "reads" the Pooh bear book himself!
- Doesn't want to take a bath without Reagan in there too!
- New phrase: "Oh my gosh!" haha!
- Favorite word, still: "Nooooo"
- Went to Nana's house in California and was scared of the animals, haha. But did feed Laddie, her stallion, carrots on the last day and Leroy, the goat, some bread!
- Loves to color!!!
- Can do matching games where he matches a picture on the screen to a picture on a card!
- Still wearing all of the same clothes and shoes! Woo hoo - cheaper bills! ;-)

Love my sweet boy. Even if he is a little toot sometimes! He definitely knows how to express himself and is not lacking in the personality department! We just love him to pieces!

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