Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting closer!

We're in the final countdown! Since I can count on one hand the amount of weeks we have left until Reagan's due date, I have decided this is the final countdown! We are trying to finish up the nursery this week - key word there is TRYING. My wonderful mother-in-law and I have been sewing (ok, I lied, I have been watching her sew) the bedding this week, and we're almost done! Just need some more ribbon to finish off the ties and it'll be good to go! Darren and I finished up some craft projects this weekend and last night, so now we just need to put together some more furniture and get to decorating! Yahoo! I'm really hoping to be finished by this weekend because next weekend I'll be frantically trying to get the house cleaned and ready for Clayton's birthday the following weekend. Holy crap... my baby is going to be ONE! That's another story!

In the haste of trying to plan everything I realized that we were forgetting a key element - having a plan for when I go into labor. For instance, if I go into labor at 3am who will come sleep at our house with Clayton? Or, when would we like Clayton to be brought up to the hospital in the first place? I came up with a great list of if's and just need the responses now. Oops! ;-) At least I made some plans! I got an email from parents.com and it talked about how baby number two comes faster.....

And, of course, the light at the end of the tunnel: second labors tend to be faster -- much faster -- than first ones. Exact numbers are hard to pin down, but Dr. Alvarez says that in his experience labor is about half as long the second time. And though no one likes to think she's lost vaginal muscle tone, you'll be happy to know that it'll help baby slide out that much easier. "Pushing time is much shorter for second-timers -- between 30 minutes and an hour," Dr. Alvarez explains. "Which is why we have a rule here: never turn your back on a woman who's already had a baby or two."

Holy cow! Ok, I labored for 11 hours with Clayton, and that was after being induced. From the time the cytotec was administered to the time he was out... 11 hours. I pushed for 20 minutes. Soooo.... my labor for Reagan would be 4.5 hours and I'll push for even less?! WHOA! I know that my doc did warn me that it will come a lot faster so I need to head to the hospital sooner since we have a 30min drive. It sure would be awesome to only labor for 4.5 hours! haha! Can you imagine?! We'll see I suppose!

In other pregnancy related news I have had a few braxton hicks but they have been while walking, so I don't count them too much. She is definitely out of room and definitely head down though because she pushes on my pubic bone like crazy. Clayton never did that. Sorry for the TMI but it's almost like having the urge to pee, but it's just painful and tingly! lol... Darren won't let me bend down and pick up Clayton anymore, which really I shouldn't have done to begin with. This weekend I tried to do it and really put a strain on my ligaments holding the belly, so that was a big no-no and can't be done anymore. I'm slowly getting to the point where my stomach is so smushed that I don't eat as much at one sitting anymore. Heartburn is still there but only every now and then, not every day. My legs are still cramping and hurting at night, and I get up to pee about 2 or 3 times every night. Oye!

I am ready to meet our baby girl.... but I am sure hoping she stays put until after the 1st of April! =) I'm reeealllly feeling that she'll be an Easter baby for some reason! We'll see! =) 4/8/12 would be a fun birthday!

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  1. I was also told the same thing... labors can be half as long with your second. With Jacob, I arrived at the hospital dilated to a 6, but Jacob surprised the nurses by staying in for a few hours... thanks to my water never breaking on its own. After they did that for me, 30 minutes later I was ready to push, and 5 pushes later, he was out (a little less than 6 hours from when we arrived at the hospital to when he was born). With Kaitlyn, I was in labor for 6 hours as well... so it didn't hold true for me. Similar time with labor, main difference... epidural with my first, natural with my second.

    Good luck to you! I keep checking your blog to see how you're feeling :) We are all excited to meet Reagan :)