Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ten Months!

Happy Ten Month Birthday, Clayton Scott!

Wow, double digits! We can't believe that in two short, and we're talking short, months you will be one year old! You have grown and changed even more this month. You are becoming quite the little boy now! Although it makes us sad to see you grow up so fast, it is also a lot of fun! Each day it seems you learn and imitate new things! Our favorite new "trick" of yours is when you give us kisses. They are the sweetest thing in the whole wide world! We will ask for kisses and you will lean in, with your mouth open (hehe), and give us a kiss! It just melts us! Your favorite kiss-recipient though is still your Mimi. You just think she's so beautiful and kissable! ;-) You even give your stuffed animals kisses when we prompt you to! We're going to start working on having you kiss Mommy's belly so that we can get some pictures before little sister is here!

You have mastered the art of walking in your walker! You can maneuver that thing all over the office! You make k-turns, u-turns, you name it! Don't worry, you'll know those terms in 15 years when you're learning how to drive! You can haul butt in your walker and it is really cute! You just cruise around from office to office looking for someone new to play with! Without the walker you are still trying to grasp the concept of walking, but you're getting so close! You are quick now when you're moving along an object, such as the coffee table. You also can walk with us just holding onto one of your hands, so your balance is really quite good. You can now stand for at least 15 seconds at a time before you lean and grab onto something. You are hesitant to walk between things though if you don't see something to grab on to. You're getting there though!

Over the Christmas holidays, right as you were turning 9 months old, you learned how to climb the stairs. Since then we have bought and installed a baby gate at the base of the stairs so that you can't go climbing on your own! We have followed you a few times and let you crawl up them. You think it's pretty fun, and you are pretty good at it!

Another one of our favorite "tricks" of yours is that you now know how to spit out your paci, and you know that when things are yucky you make a spitting noise. When you're done with your nap we lean you over the pack-n-play and you spit out that nasty paci! ;-) You also let us know when you've spit up because we hear you making your spitting noise, haha! It's pretty amusing! Another noise you love to make is saying "pop". You don't truly enunciate the "o" but you have the motions down. Pop thinks you're saying his name when you do it! ;-) Maybe you are! You imitate a lot of the noises that we make and the movements we make with our mouths. If we run our fingers over our lips to make noise then you will as well. You're very cute!!

You still love to open things and get into things. Our kitchen is now mostly baby-proofed so that you can't open drawers and cabinets that have bad things in them! You love to open our drawers at work too. Some days you "help" Irene file her papers! Ok, no, you just take them out and make a mess. We don't mind though because you're cute! haha!

We are teaching you the word "no" and "hot". You mostly know "no" because you will stop and look at us, as if to say "Are you sure I can't have that?". Sometimes you disobey, on purpose, and go faster after whatever it is that you want but can't have! That's your Uncle Ross coming out in you! We realize though that you are too little for true discipline and to truly know the word "no", so we just try to keep repeating so that you will begin to understand. We have to tell you things are "hot" because you will go after the heaters in our office. You're pretty good at this though and will not touch whatever it is that we tell you is hot.

Although your vocabulary is not growing, your noises sure are! You talk A LOT! By talking I mean you say "bababa", "dadada", "tida" and "ha". You growl at us sometimes too which is a new favorite! You think it scares us so you make the noise louder and you get a good laugh out of it! We were hoping you'd have some real words to say by now but that's ok! We love listening to you talk, especially when you wake up in the morning. You just stand on the edge of your crib, talking and shaking the bars, until we come get you. It's funny!

You're still a dancin' fool. You love music and will dance anytime you hear a good tune! You will even dance to videos of yourself dancing on our phones! Because of this love for music Mommy has decided to have your first birthday party be a music theme! Hopefully it'll be a good time for all!

We like to think that you have a really good memory because you remember things, search for things, and know routines. For instance, when we give you the remote you will look at it, push a button, then look at the TV to see if it did "what you wanted it to". ;-) Also, you've been doing this for at least a couple months, you will look for things when you're pushing them around and they go under the couch. You'll lay on your belly to see where it went and try to get it. You probably started doing this at 8 months, but Mommy forgot!

Some of your favorite toys are still anything that makes music, anything that has buttons, and your push toys. You also love your stuffed animals and love to snuggle them if they are on the floor. You also love anything you're not supposed to have, such as our phones, the remote, etc! Typical baby!

Your 5th tooth started coming in just before your 10 month birthday. You have three on top now and two on the bottom! They have been giving you a little bit of an issue lately and you've been running a slight fever and were a bit fussy. But other than chewing on everything you seem to be ok! The new teeth have allowed us to try new foods. You now eat a lot of different table foods. Your favorites are anything sweet for breakfast (you like cinnamon rolls for instance!), peas, breads, carrots, and grapes. We were feeding you grapes nearly every day and you started to poop more - woo hoo! Guess we should keep that up! So far we haven't ran into many table foods that you did not like besides beans... not sure why you didn't like them! Oh well! We're slowly trying to add more protein into your diet, but Mommy is just paranoid you'll choke on things since you don't have molars!

You still love your bottle and take 7 ounces every 4 hours. You now hold your bottle all the time, unless you are just being super lazy! A few times we have laid you down with it and just sat beside you doing something else. You were fine with that! Mommy still treasures bottle time though because I get to snuggle you for 5-10 minutes.

The only negative thing about you right now is that you are slowly developing an attitude! You have twice now laid down on the floor, flat, and cried. It's really quite amusing, sorry! ;-) It is a rare, RARE, occasion though for you to be upset. We hope the temper tantrums stay this short and mild until you are at least 3! hehe... We can hope, right?

Growth wise you have gained weight and have gotten even longer! I don't know any stats since we haven't been to the doctor since the beginning of January. At your 9 month checkup you were 19 pounds, so I would bet that you are at least 20 pounds now! You now wear size 12 pants because they hardly make any in a 9-12mo size. You could fit into some of your 9 month ones, but not many. You also wear 9-12mo tops. Mommy is sad because they stop making "baby" clothes when the size hits 12 months. It is hard to find onesies in a 9-12mo size! Mostly there are just t-shirts! We have been layering long sleeve onesies with t-shirts a lot lately since it has been warm during the day but cold in the mornings. When you do wear shoes you wear a size 4. But, you hate shoes! You're in a size 3 diaper during the day and a 4 at night, but it doesn't seem to really make a huge difference!

You are still the world's best baby, and we still thank God every single day for you. You are such a joy and you make us so happy. We love you more than we could ever even imagine. You are our precious baby boy and we are so blessed to be your parents!

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy! I love you!!!!


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