Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby to Toddler in a blink of an eye!

Suddenly, as if time didn't move fast enough already, my sweet baby boy turned into a very opinionated and wild toddler. Gone are the days of my little baby quietly playing with his toys or napping/going to bed on a perfect schedule. It's so funny, and sad, to me how fast he changed! Even his appearance is different! He looks like such a little boy now! He is learning all kinds of new tricks and, as I said in his monthly post, developing quite the personality. He wants to be outside all of time time, even though the weather is not that nice yet. He gets mad when you bring him in from outdoors! Last night he took the most consecutive steps yet - 5 in a row! We were able to get most of it on video on Darren's phone but it's terrible quality which makes me sad! Before last night the most he took was 3 and that was at daycare so we didn't get to see it. I love that he is growing up and becoming his own person, but I also am so sad about it! An example is that he can now drink his bottle without assistance from us. We just prop him up and hand it to him and he'll drink the whole thing. However, I can't seem to put him down! I don't want to just prop him up and let him eat! I want to feed him! It's my 5-10min guaranteed snuggle time and I treasure it! I never thought that I would be the type of parent who gets sad watching their baby grow, but man, it's killing me! Luckily, haha, I only have two months until I have another baby to hold and snuggle. But, Clayton will always be my FIRST baby. He'll be my "baby" forever!

I can't wait to write about all of his new developments in his 11 month post next week! Until then you will just have to wait to see all of the crazy things this kid does now-a-days! ;-) Here's a photo to get you by.. hehe

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