Monday, February 6, 2012

30 Weeks.. already?!

I only have 10 short weeks to go until Miss Reagan's due date... Holy moly! Time to get busy! My mom flies in tomorrow for a week, so we (er.... my mom and hubby) will be painting, putting together furniture, decorating, sewing crib bedding, etc etc! Whew! We'll be busy! And by we, I mean they! ;-) I'll supervise and play with Clayton!

At 30 weeks with Clayton I had gained 25 pounds (haha!!), I was super tired, had to pee all of the time, and was addicted to reeses. I'm 5 pounds heavier right now - OOPS! I blame it on the fact that my "girls" are bigger this time around! (BTW, I just looked up my measurements and my breast measurement is the same... darn! haha! I am however a whole inch larger around the waist! WOW!) Also, I never lost all of my Clayton weight so I started out heavier. I'm still tired and still have to pee! My leg cramps have already started unfortunately. The other night I woke up crying because I had a horrible cramp. I think I scared poor Darren half to death. He was sweet enough to wake up and rub my calf for me! My heart burn has sorta subsided... depends on what I eat. But, it hasn't been as bad as weeks 27-29. Little girl has really amped up her movements. She especially likes when I smush her, haha! For instance, laying on my side with my legs tucked up... she'll go crazy! She still is pretty calm though compared to her brother inutero! I need to bust out the huge maternity pillow because I'm starting to get uncomfortable at night. Plus I find myself rolling onto my back which is a big no-no at this point. I've been fighting yet another sinus infection - my third one this pregnancy - which has been draining me of any extra energy I might have. I need to clean house but I don't have the energy! I washed clothes and they are still sitting on the kitchen table! Oye... Hopefully I'll feel better soon!

We can't wait to meet our baby girl, but we sure are hoping she decides to make it to at least 39 weeks! That way I'm not going into labor at her brother's 1st birthday party! ;-) Although, wouldn't that make for a memory?! haha! We already had a scare of having an April Fool's baby once, hopefully we don't again!

And now the comparison picture, that never really gives an accurate comparison, lol...

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