Monday, February 27, 2012

7 weeks to go!

Thankfully my growth has slowed way down! Hooray! I did my measurements and weight today and I am 3 pounds lighter than I was right now with Clayton and my waist is a half inch smaller. I still think it is because she is sitting higher than he was. In my comparison picture, which seriously never gives an accurate comparison, it looks like my belly slopes more before the bump with Clayton than with Reagan. Who knows! ;-) I am still having horrible nights, in fact they've been even worse the past few days because Clayton has been running a fever. Last night Clayton and I snuggled in the guest bed upstairs all night. He woke up just about every hour and I would give him his paci and he'd go back to sleep. Luckily we're almost positive he's just teething. He has no other symptoms other than being fussier than normal.

I've been trying to get things done ahead of time for Clayton's birthday party, since I'll be pretty dang huge at that point! ;-) I'm glad to say that everything is almost ordered! We just need a pretty day here in the next week or two so that we can take some pictures of him! I still can't believe that my baby is almost one... WOW.

As you could see in my last post, Reagan's nursery is really coming along! We worked late at the office today so we didn't get anything done at home, but hopefully we can work some tomorrow after CCD. This weekend we're heading to San Antonio for our last trip pre-Reagan. We haven't seen my dad since Christmas and so we decided to make a last minute trip down there to see him. Plus, Darren wants to celebrate his birthday in style! lol... We're going to have dinner on the riverwalk somewhere. It'll be Clayton's first trip downtown! Still crazy to believe that the next trip we take will be with TWO babies! I can't even begin to imagine how much stuff I am going to have to pack. I think we need a bigger vehicle!

Ok, now for the picture! The plaid sure makes me look huge... but then again so did the print in Clayton's pic! I think my face looks a lot larger this week... yuck. I have been noticing some swelling, oh joy. BTW, don't I look like two completely different people now that my hair is short?! And it was curly today so it looks darker than normal. Crazy!

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