Monday, January 2, 2012

Nine Months!

Happy Nine Month Birthday, Clayton Scott!

This month you have been on the move, non-stop! Crawling, pulling up, and even walking with assistance are your new favorite activities! You are always going-going-going! We are having to use all of our energy to keep up with you, silly boy! You took your first steps behind your push car on December 10th. Since then you have started cruising around the coffee table and you will walk when we hold your hands or arms. For Christmas Pop & Gia got you a dinosaur that you can either walk behind or sit on and ride. This is your new favorite toy as you can really get to moving behind it! You will walk and walk until you get stuck and we have to turn you around. You also love to sit on the dinosaur and be pulled around. hehe... It's really funny and you look like such a big boy!

This month held your first Christmas! You received so many great presents! You love all of your toys and have played with them all non-stop. You love your rocking horse that Santa brought you and you love your music entertainment table from Nana and Papa! You also received a lot of super cute clothes - but I'm sure you don't care about that right now! Mommy loves it though! hehe! You love dancing to all of the Christmas decorations that play music. Pop & Gia have a low-rider car that plays the low-rider song and bounces... you think that thing is amazing! It is so funny to watch you dance to it!

You finally were able to meet your first cousin this month! Little baby Charley is so tiny and you aren't quite sure what to think of her yet! You wish that you were able to touch her and play with her already, but you're just too big and she's too small! At all of our family Christmas events you were able to play with all of your other second cousins, and that was lots of fun for you! You were an absolute ANGEL at all of our family Christmases. We didn't know what you would do around the large crowds, but you were just so good! You never cease to amaze us with how wonderful you are!

Somehow you were lucky enough to experience your first snow this month! It snowed twice this month, and you even had a white Christmas! You weren't quite sure about the snow... after all, it was pretty cold! But you didn't cry or anything! You loved to look out the window and watch it snow! With the cold weather came your first real illness. We had to take you to the pediatrician because you had some sort of sinus infection. Luckily the antibiotics worked wonders, as well as having Nana here as your personal nurse! ;-) You still have not ever been super fussy while you were sick.... we're so lucky yet again!

There is a song called "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth", and you were sure singing it this month! Ok, not really, but Mommy sang it for you! For over two weeks now your top two teeth have been coming in! One is poking through the gum and the other is nearly all the way out. You look so cute with your little snaggle tooth! We can tell that you've been teething because if your toy is not in your mouth then your hands are! Also, your cheeks get red and chapped when you teethe. Hopefully they'll come in soon and stop bugging you so much!

The day you turned nine months old was New Years Eve. You came with Mommy & Daddy to the St. Lawrence New Years dance! You liked the music and liked getting lots of attention from all of our family! Around 10pm you finally gave up and fell asleep so Pop took you home so that Mommy & Daddy could stay and enjoy the dance! We sure missed you when the ball dropped and it changed to 2012 though!

You haven't grown much since last month, but your hair sure has! It is really filling in and is so pretty, I mean, handsome! ;-) You are still wearing 6-9mo onesies and 9-12mo pants. You barely fit into any of your shoes though - not like you really need them though! You are still in a size 3 diaper but we just moved you to a size 4 at nighttime. At your doctors appointment you were 19 pounds, so by now you should be about 20lbs. You're still perfectly average!

You have been eating your cereal puffs so great, and now eat a bunch of other table foods... mostly just breads though. We haven't tried any meats yet because you just don't have teeth for it! We tried a new baby food called turkey and rice and you really liked it! So now you will eat sweet potatoes, squash, and turkey and rice. Picky boy! At least you still take your bottles like a champ!

We say it every month but we are so blessed to have you in our lives. You are seriously the best baby ever!!!! Everyone who meets you tells us how good you are, and how cute you are! ;-) We love you so much! In less than 4 months your baby sister will be here, and we can only hope that she will be half as good as you are! You are the light of our lives and we love you so much!

Happy Birthday my sweet boy!


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