Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas and other things!

Well, the first set of Christmases have come and gone. That's right, I said the first set. ;-) With our big family we have multiple Christmas celebrations. This year we were so lucky to have my mom and my dad both come in to visit. Clayton was very spoiled by both, of course! Not to mention little miss Reagan who made out pretty nicely herself! ;-) We spent our actual first Christmas day as a family at our house. We haven't been at our house for Christmas in, well, forever! It was nice to wake up and come out to open presents in our pj's! We invited over Darren's parents and Granny so that they could come see Clayton open his presents! This year was wonderful too because we had a white Christmas! We had so much snow on Christmas Eve and all of the early morning hours of Christmas. It was so pretty.... but of course it all melted by the end of Christmas day. Oh well - that's West Texas for you!

Our little family on Christmas morning
We decided to start a tradition that we would give our kids 3 gifts each. Jesus received 3 gifts from the wise-men, and with all of the family that we have the kids will have plenty of presents. Then they get one big gift from Santa that will always be unwrapped. That's how we did things in my house growing up and I loved it. This year Santa brought Clayton a Rockin Rider horse! It is awesome! It has a seat for when he's small and can convert as he grows. It's supposed to fit him until he's 3, so we'll see! He loves it! He knew instantly what to do to make it rock! So strange! He also knows how to make the horse sing by squeezing it's ear. He plays the song over and over and over! We're glad he loved his present so much! His presents from us were a Reveille pillow-pet, a clap and play puppy, and this music table thing that I thought would be awesome but turned out to be too small. He still plays with it though!

Loving Santa's present!
We will have 3 more Christmases this weekend. Thursday is our Christmas at mom & dad's, Friday is Christmas at Granny's with the Hillgers, and Saturday is Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa's with the Frerichs! Whew! We're housing 7 people as well, so we'll have our hands full this weekend! Thank goodness we have a big house!

"Rockin' is serious business, Mom!"
In other news.... non-Christmas related... Clayton is teething so bad. Poor baby's two front teeth are both coming in. He got his two bottom teeth at the same time, and now his two front teeth are both coming in. He really doesn't get much fussier but his cheeks get really flush and he gets off his schedule. Oh well! Hopefully they come in soon! One's through the gum already and the other is almost there! Other news... little sister is now viable! Hooray! I'm 24 weeks along so, heaven forbid, if something did go wrong she should be able to survive. That's such an amazing time in the pregnancy to me. A safety net of sorts! I've been feeling great, besides the pink-eye, or whatever it was that we had. I had an appointment this morning and everything was hunky-dory! Another month and I go for another big ultrasound in Midland to make sure that she is growing ok and nothing else has happened with my stupid placenta, haha!

Can't forget Miss Pearl!
We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Here's to a wonderful 2012!!!

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