Monday, January 16, 2012

Entering the third!!!!

I'm entering the third trimester of pregnancy #2. That is NUTS! My best friend, who is also preggers, said in her last blog that her current pregnancy is flying by. I have to agree! It seems like with Clayton time just crawled by. Maybe it was the whole anxiety of the first pregnancy, and wanting our baby boy to be here so badly. Not that we don't want our little girl here, it's just that I'm still getting used to the fact that we have one baby! ;-) Haha!

The third trimester for me is bringing on all of those pesky symptoms again. The second trimester was a total breeze.... I think I am a baby machine! haha! So far I have already started the waking up once or twice a night to get up and go to the bathroom and my heartburn is back. It was a pesky symptom with Clayton but was an easy fix. I'm not ready for the leg cramps and not being able to get comfy at night though! I haven't had to bust out the big maternity pillow yet though, so that is an improvement! The other day I weighed myself and I weighed the exact same amount now as I did this same time with Clayton, so that is good news! I started out heavier, of course, so have not gained a lot of pounds.

Next week we go back to Midland for another big ultrasound and I can't wait! We can't wait to see our baby girl again! Now we need to start working on her nursery! So far the only thing I've done is pick out the fabric for the bedding and buy the crib. Guess we should get a move on!

27 weeks along!

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  1. You look so cute! You're right, the growth HAS slowed down some. I'm sorry you have the heartburn! Just eat slowly and drink lots of fluids. That helped with Liliana. It was a pain in the butt though.