Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's.... A.....

GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! Baby #2 is a beautiful little girl! Or so the ultrasound tells us! ;-) Congrats to the majority of you, my dear blog readers! The girl votes far outweighed the boy votes! Truth be told I thought that it might be a girl. With my son I had his name picked out, bedding, etc and did not know what I would do if it was a girl! Now, for this baby I knew everything for a girl and nothing for a boy! We are thrilled that we will have a baby girl joining our family in just 5 more months!

Big brother is not going to know what hit him!

Our proof! The lady said this was perfect evidence!
Our baby girl will be named Reagan Elizabeth. We decided to share her name early this time around because we know a lot of people who are expecting! Even though we picked a semi-unique name you just never know!

We can't wait now to watch our sweet girl grow, and can't wait until April (hopefully April, hehe) when she makes her appearance!


  1. Have I mentioned how happy I am for you? : )

    Love you guys! (all FOUR of you!)

  2. gotta claim your name ;) we know A LOT of families that are expecting girls too!!! so I don't blame ya! love it! so excited you're having a girl!!!!