Monday, November 28, 2011

Halfway Through!

I'm already halfway through my second pregnancy. WOW. Double WOW. First off, I feel so incredibly blessed to be pregnant in the first place. Through the roller coaster of the end of my first trimester, I feel very blessed that this little girl is doing so great. We had our anatomy ultrasound a couple weeks ago and everything looked wonderful! She was in the most awkward positions though! She was standing on her head, with her arms and legs tucked in! They were able to get all of their measurements and check her heart/brain/etc, plus confirm that yes, she is a girl! This pregnancy has been a breeze and has been flying by. I feel very very blessed to be able to say that! I think I take pregnancy very well! Maybe I should be a Michelle Duggar - JUST KIDDING!

As far as differences in pregnancies go, Reagan is much calmer than her brother was. And, looking back on things, I should have known judging by how active he was inutero, how active he would be in real life. That kid does not ever stop moving! ;-) Reagan just gives me little kicks every now and then. I think that I am slightly larger this go around then with Clayton, but that was to be expected seeing as my stomach muscles did not have time to recuperate after Clayton! I have had two colds now, which stink since you can't take anything. Plus, I'm allergic to acetaminophen, so I can't take anything for pain. I don't think I was EVER sick with Clayton. Again, super blessed. I don't think I even had so much as a minor cold. But, oh well, I'll get over it! It probably has something to do with the fact that I carry around a germy little boy all day! Hehe...

I do feel bad that I have not done pregnancy survey's with Reagan. I barely even take a weekly picture. I took one when we found out, one at 15 weeks, another at 18 weeks, and now 20. Oops! Oh well! I guess that was to be expected! It's hard enough to keep up with my crawling 8 month old, let alone a blog! It is still crazy to think that we'll have another baby here in our lives in just 4 1/2 more months. We know God will provide!

Which ones bigger? lol

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  1. I think you definitely look bigger on the right! Oh the joy of looking bigger the second go around ... I don't think it has so much to do with the fact that you got pregnant so quickly after. I think getting bigger the second time is just what happens. Annie is WAY bigger this time and Sofia was 2.5 when she got pregnant. You look awfully cute though! All maternity clothes already?