Monday, November 7, 2011

The gift of life

The Catholic church, and well I guess all churches in general, just wrapped up a pro-life campaign called the 40 days for life. During this time members of different churches would go to Planned Parenthood and pray peacefully. They offered counseling but nothing was forced. No violent protesting if you get my drift! I am happy to announce that during these 40 days, nationwide, 465 known women decided to not terminate their pregnancy. That is 465 babies who are going to be given the gift of life! Now I don't want to get all preachy on my blog, because even though I am devout Catholic and very pro-life I realize that everyone should be entitled to make their own decisions. Kinda off topic, but have you ever watched the show Teen Mom on MTV? I LOVE the couple Caitlyn and Tyler. Now those kids had their head on straight! They gave their baby girl up for adoption because they knew that they could not provide for her the life that she deserved. ANYWAY, back to my topic... I think it is wonderful that prayer can make a difference.

In my life, I look at my baby boy and just think... Wow. I am so blessed. He is amazing. Even though we had to pray and pray and pray for him, God had His plan for our precious baby boy. Just like He had His plan for our growing baby girl! Even though we were definitely not prepared for another baby we accept this gift from God with the utmost honor. (Hey, you do the deed, you know the cause and effect!)

During the 40 days for life I not only prayed for women who might have been contemplating abortion, but I also prayed for women struggling to get pregnant. Can you imagine if the shoes were reversed? Wow! Anyway, just wanted to share the good news of all of the saved lives. Please pray that these mothers will continue to realize the gift of life and that these babies will be raised in a loving environment, wherever that may be.

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