Friday, July 1, 2011

Three Months!

Happy Three Month Birthday, Clayton Scott!

You are still changing and growing daily, and amazing everyone around you. This month has been a fun month as you experienced more firsts and you really starting interacting with us. No more sleeping baby! You like to be awake and alert so that you don't miss anything!

One major first was that you rolled over for the first time at exactly 12 weeks old! Nana and Auntie K were babysitting you at the house and Auntie K witnessed you roll over from your belly to your back. They thought you had done it before so didn't make a big deal about it. When they told Mommy and Daddy we couldn't believe it! At 12 weeks and 3 days you rolled over 4 times though so that Mommy and Daddy could watch, and of course, video tape it! You try to roll over from your back to your front, which is a really big development, but you just aren't quite there yet! With assistance, such as holding on to our finger, you can flip yourself over! You are so strong!

You love to sit up and look around at the world. You no longer want to be held "like a baby" in the cradle hold because you'd rather be able to see what's going on! This makes Mommy sad because you're growing up tooooo fast! You sit up really well when we're holding you and can sit in your bumbo seat. For some reason though you don't like the bumbo too much... we'll see how it goes as you get bigger and stronger. Sometimes you even try to sit up while in your bouncer, silly boy!

You still come to work with us, and you spend all day playing on your activity mat, playing in your bouncer, or being passed around between Pop and Gia. Everyone loves having you at the office every day, even if you distract us a little bit. You're so easy though! Since you never cry it is like you're hardly there!

This whole month you really became stronger and you hold your head up so high when you're having tummy time. You hardly ever lay it down now. You prop yourself up on your elbows and arch your back. You also recently started to really understand the concept of eye-hand coordination. You will look at an object and then move your hands towards it and try to grab it. So far you only hit the object, unless it's small enough for you to grasp. Most toys are still too big, but your links and any pull chains on toys are the perfect size for your tiny fingers to wrap around! You LOVE holding on to things! Right now you are sleeping in your bouncer and you still have a firm grasp on your links! ;-)

This past weekend, right around 12 weeks, we noticed that you were showing signs of teething. You were drooling a lot more and you had your hands in your mouth constantly!!! You weren't fussy though, because, seriously, you are never fussy. Nana stuck her finger in your mouth one day and - what do you know - you had a tooth coming in already! It is one of your bottom incisors, which is a strange tooth to be poking out so soon.. haha. Gia thinks it will go back down some and let the normal first teeth start to come in. This whole week you've still had your hands in your mouth non-stop, but luckily you're still not sucking your thumb. Mommy is pretty lenient with the paci though!

Getting so big!
We are finally getting you into a sort-of routine. You surprised us and slept through the night at 12 weeks, but this past week you gave up on us. Darn!! ;-) You are however sleeping from about 11 until 5am, so that gives Mommy a little bit of a break! We were hoping that you'd continue to sleep through the night so that we could finally move you to your nursery. Oh well! It will happen soon!

Last development is that you are starting to really, almost, giggle!!! Today was the closest that we have heard! You were "giggling" at Pop, of course! ;-) You think he's sooo silly! We are still waiting for you to just bust out laughing or giggling. You are getting so close! We might could count today as your first giggles... but Mommy didn't get it on video, haha, so we'll see!

Now for some "firsts" that aren't classified in the books as any major development, but we were excited about them! You had your first out of state trip! We traveled to Ruidoso, New Mexico for Colby & Cameron's wedding and the Frerich family reunion. It was so much fun and you were SUCH a good baby! You were passed around from person to person and you thought nothing of it! You even were so good in the carseat - the whole 6 hour drive! You definitely impressed everyone and were the cutest baby there!

Mr. Model, hehe...
We also had your first St. Lawrence shin-dig, which was the Halfmann's wedding anniversary, and you took your first trip to Opa's Olive Garden! Haha! Us Farrington's are Olive Garden lovers! Opa loved getting to show you off to everyone at his work! Lastly, you helped celebrate your Daddy's first Father's Day! It was such a wonderful day! You spoiled him (ok, Mommy may have helped!) and he really loved hanging out with you all day! You make us so happy!

You are definitely a water baby! You love swimming! Well, you love being dipped in the water! We took you swimming in Ruidoso and have been to Nancy & Mike's house to swim. Speaking of water.... you were baptized this month! You were the BEST baby during a baptism I think the church has ever seen! You didn't cry at all! Mommy and Daddy were so impressed by you! We were so happy to see you begin your life in the church and can't wait to teach you all about God and how wonderful He is!

Some random fun facts are that you now will always turn your head and look at us when we're talking to you. If someone new comes up and starts talking then you will turn your head to look at them! Also, Nana told you "Where's Daddy" and I promise you... you turned your head and looked at Daddy! We were so impressed! It may have been a fluke, but we know you're a genius! ;-)

Size facts! You're still wearing size 0-3 clothing, but are starting to outgrow some of them. Most onesies still fit but some shorts are getting tight! Your PJ's are almost too short, but not quite yet! You're eating 5-6 ounces every feeding, so you are definitely a growing boy! You are still wearing a size 1 diaper, but they are also almost too small. Mommy needs to buy you the next size up and try them out! You're just the perfect baby size-wise, aren't you?! =) Mommy weighed you today at home and you were about 13 pounds, but the scale isn't quite accurate when we weigh you by weighing Mommy and you, and then just Mommy! hehe..

We still cannot believe that you are here, and that you are our son. We are so incredibly blessed to have you in our lives. You are the perfect baby! Too perfect! I know there must be pay-back eventually! ;-) Maybe when you get a sibling they will be tough to handle! We love you so much. You are our whole world!


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