Saturday, July 9, 2011

On a ROLL!!

13 weeks 6 days old, and Clayton rolled from back to front! I'm so proud of him! He uses all leg and stomach muscles, so it's pretty entertaining! The first day he rolled over, he rolled a total of 13 times! We're not bragging or anything, but we think he's amazing! We were so impressed when at 12 weeks he rolled from front to back, but he since then quit. However, now apparently he has moved on to bigger and better tricks! ;-) hehe...

Now you can't leave him anywhere on his back without him rolling over. To make matters more interesting, he doesn't like being on his tummy that much... so as to why he constantly rolls over, we're not sure! ;-) I was able to get a bit of video today of him rolling! He's so cute! Just flips right over!

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