Saturday, July 16, 2011

One year ago...

July 16, 2010 - I woke up at my Aunt's house in New York and decided that I really wanted to see if our round of clomid had worked. So, I went to the bathroom before anyone was awake and took my pregnancy test. MUCH to my shock it came back positive!!!!! After countless negative pregnancy tests I was finally staring back at a positive. Wow!

I think it's awesome that my one year ago story just so happens to coincide with the "Show us your life" on Kelly's Corner! Here is our story of how I shared the wonderful news!

The first person that I told was of course my husband. All throughout our TTC I would almost always take the pregnancy test and we would read the results together. Sometimes I would take the test by myself, but my husband was always in the near vicinity. We had grand visions of it being a really sweet and romantic time, but after taking so many dang pregnancy tests the "glamour" of it all seemed to slip away. Regardless, after taking this test I couldn't get to my husband fast enough to tell him the news! It was still really early in the morning but I went into our room and woke him up by telling him "Hunny... wake up... LOOK!". He groggily opened his eyes and soon after opening them wide enough to read the pregnancy test that was now shoved in his face, he got really excited and helped share my joy!

The first person that we told was my mom. I had to call her. She knew I was going to be testing and so I called her right away. I forgot the time change between New York and California though.. oops.. so it was a little early in the morning but she was excited none the less! The second person we told was my best friend Cristina. She also knew we were testing and when she texted me and asked I just couldn't keep it from her! Cristina even helped by telling me to take another test right then to really solidify if it was true. Sure enough, test number two came back a quick positive!

We decided that we would share the news with the rest of our family members in a more special way. We bought picture frames that said "A grandchild is a gift from above, one to cherish and to love". We took out the fake picture and wrote on the back "Photo to arrive somewhere around March 27, 2011. Love, Kristen, Darren, and BABY Hillger". We then wrapped up the frames and left one for my dad in San Antonio, then took the other back with us to Garden City (we came home from New York a day before my dad, making that possible). Giving the photo frame was so much fun. When Darren's parents opened it his mom busted out crying. When my dad opened his he called and introduced himself as Gramps on the phone, haha.

Telling our siblings was not as exciting because they all live in different places, and none are near us. We called all of them and told them the news. Of course they were all excited to be uncles/aunts!

We decided that we were ok with telling the facebook world before our first trimester was over, so we waited until after our first doctor's appointment. Once we had the ultrasound and saw that all was healthy, we took the pictures and posted them on facebook. We were overwhelmed with the response from all of our friends!

I still remember July 16, 2010 like it was yesterday. Our lives changed that day and we have been the happiest people in the world ever since! We love our son so much, and he is such a blessing!!!!

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  1. I can't believe it's already been a year! that is CRAZY. Time flies by man. Don't worry about not telling him in a "romantic" way ... Evan won't let me test without him being RIGHT there, which totally stinks! I WANT to tell him in a cute way (aka shoving it in his face and waking him up) but he wants to be there from the very beginning. LAME-O! ; )