Monday, July 11, 2011

A "calling" of sorts

This past month or two my nearly entire family on the Hillger side has passed around and read Heaven is for real. If you haven't read it, I definitely suggest it! I don't know if it was reading the book, trying to prepare myself better for being a CCD teacher, or just a "calling" from God, but... I have decided that I really want to read the entire Bible. All one bazillion pages! ;-) I am experiencing a strong desire to read and understand all of the stories. I feel as if I am a good Christian, but I know there is always more that I can do to strengthen my faith and further increase my relationship with God. I'm excited about this new goal. I've ALWAYS been a goal-driven individual. Now, here's just another thing to add to my plate! (Not like I had sooo much free time or anything! ha! For instance it's 11pm and I just got little boy to bed, and should be sleeping myself!). I've been trying to find the perfect version to read, because I do not think I'd make it through the Catholic bible that I have. It's too hard to read on a daily basis. I've found two options that I like, but I'm still not sure. Any suggestions would be very appreciated! 

Wish me luck on my new journey! I can't wait! =)


  1. I love the NIV translation. It's translated very well, and makes for an easier read. My husband has a NAS, but he keeps snatching my NIV! So I think he likes the NIV for reading, NKJV for studying.

    I just got the book, Heaven is for Real, to read! And I started a 21-day woman's devotional. I know what you mean... free time??? what free time??? LOL

    May the Lord bless you in your reading :)

  2. I have a CD that you reads the bible to you, and you break it up and listen for a certain number of minutes each day. Then, within a couple of months, you have listened to the whole thing. It's awesome, and I love listening to it in the car. I will get the info and send it to you. (P.S. I have tried reading the bible before, and this has been much easier for me to actually understand the stories and teachings.)

  3. Thank you, ladies! I knew you two would have good advice! Brianne, yes please get me the info! That'd be awesome! =)

  4. Kristin, try the Great Adventure Bible Study. It gets you through the whole Bible and has CD's that go with it to help you understand where you are... I still have not finished it but it is in 26 sessions..There are several copies going aroudn St. Lawrence.