Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Eight Months!

Happy Eight Month Birthday, Reagan E!

Mommy is once again late posting this.... December/End of November was ROUGH! We are glad to see a new year here! You grew and changed so much this month and it has really made Mommy sad! No more little baby Reagan! You crawl so fast now and go wherever you please. You follow your brother around all of the time and even will follow us if we leave the room. Your big accomplishment this month was that you started pulling up right after your 7 month birthday. First you would only pull up on things that were shorter than you in crawling position and you would sort of "climb" onto the higher things from there. Well now you put your arms way above your head, reach for something, then pull with all of your might until you are standing!

You are getting so good at keeping your balance and love to let us hold your arms and let you walk. You are not a huge fan of walking behind a push toy yet because you'd rather chew on the handle! However, you love to walk around in your walker! Sometimes Brother thinks he needs to push you instead of you doing the work and away you go like a roller coaster ride! ;-) You laugh and think it's fun!

You started dancing just after your 7 month birthday also! Mommy mentioned that Brother danced on his 7 month birthday and you must have heard me and thought "Wow! I should do that too!". It's cute to watch you shake your booty! ;-) You and Clayton love to dance together to music and you will dance while he sings along to songs!

This month was rough because we were all sick. Even since probably October some time you developed a little cough from what we assumed was drainage in your throat. Well, you have a pretty weak gag reflex so if the cough tickled you the wrong way you would throw up. And we mean throw up everything in your tummy! We still don't know when you will throw up or when you are ok. We're looking in to why you continue to do this. It's been rough on Mommy & Daddy and it really upsets you as well. Hopefully it will go away soon. Nana says that you will probably outgrow it by the time you turn one... man, that's only 4 months away!

You are a pro at eating solids but we cannot feed you anything that you must chew because of your gag reflex. Anytime we feed you puffs or something like that you gag and throw up. Oh joy! You really don't have a favorite or least favorite food though! We did try to give you some grownup sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving and you made the worst face ever! It was hilarious! But you love baby sweet potatoes, so who knows! ;-) Silly girl!

You started babbling this month. You say "bababa". You still blow raspberries alllll of the time and you drool allll of the time! We have to keep bibs on you a lot because you soak the front of your shirts! You and your brother still have so much fun playing together. It's so fun to watch you two. He loves to wrestle with you and you put up with all of his crazy boy antics!

This month you also started to lean to people when you wanted them to hold you and you outstretch your arms. Also, you clapped for Gia when you were playing patty-cake with her! And, Mommy got you to wave once to yourself in the mirror! Those are not every day occurrences yet  but you are getting so big and smart!

You are wearing 6-9 month clothes and still wear some just 6 month clothes. You're pretty petite! We will go to the doctor next month to see how much you weigh and what not! You wear either a size 2 or size 3 shoe depending on the brand, and are still in a size 2 diaper but not for long.

Your pictures this month are a little interesting... Mommy & Daddy's good camera was broken so we had to use our old junky one, and Mommy took the pictures by herself with Brother "helping" us. Haha. Enjoy the outtakes!

We love you so much, Sister Girl. You make us so happy and we are so blessed to be your parents!


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