Saturday, January 5, 2013

Clayton at 21 months!

We have hit the terrible two's! Ok, not really, but sometimes it feels more like we have a full-fledged toddler rather than a baby! Clayton continues to amaze us with how smart he is. Seriously, it's scary sometimes! My mom seems to think that we'll never be able to keep him entertained enough in school since he'll be so far ahead, lol. He does come from some pretty smart family! Here are some highlights from the past month:

- Sings these songs by himself: The ABC song, Twinkle Twinkle, Jingle Bells (main part only), The Bearkat song
- Can identify the letters B, C, D, H, J, E, and T. Probably could do more but doesn't have the attention span!
- Can put together baby puzzles in no time flat!
- Doesn't want to sit in a highchair very often. Would rather sit in a "big boy" chair.
- Eats everything with a fork or spoon
- Would just eat ranch as a meal if we'd let him!
- Obsessed with candy... Thank you, Christmas! Asks us for candy all of the time. Favorite is M&M's!
- Throws trash away by himself, even things that are not trash to us but that he thinks are!
- STILL obsessed with tractors.
- Wants to read the Winnie the Pooh book every night before bed
- Knows what things are his and what are Sister's and does not often want to share!
- New favorite thing to do on our phone is scroll through and look at pictures and watch videos
- Met Santa for the first time and did not cry! But sure did not like him!
- Talks in complete sentences. Sometimes we don't always understand what he is saying but most times we fully comprehend!
- Loves to scold his Sister.. "Sisteerrrrr... No! No!", haha. 
- Understands time out, but seems to enjoy it so it is not much of a punishment!
- Loves to run and he'll tell us, "Run! FAST!". 
- Knows everyone's name at daycare
- Loves to tackle Sister and make her giggle
- Still not very interested in going poo-poo on the potty. More interested in hiding from us. Oh joy.
- Thinks it's hilarious to "tooty"... all boy I tell ya!
- Still wearing 18 month, size 3 diaper day/ 4 night, 7 shoe. Not much growth happening!

I'm sure there are tons more things he has done. It's so hard to keep up with him when he changes every day and learns new things. His Sister does the same. It is hard to watch my babies grow up so fast! 

Love my sweet sweet little stinkeroo!

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