Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pretty Prints = Pretty AWESOME!

My BFF has an etsy shop that she recently made her full time job. She is so talented and has been working her little tail off to ensure that she is making her customers totally satisfied! Just this past week she hit 1000 sales!! So, you know, she's kind of a big deal! ;-) I am a terrible friend to you all and did not get this posted while she was having a sale for her success of hitting 1000 sales, buuuuttt... you should still go check out her store and buy some awesome Christmas presents for your family and friends! The prices are super reasonable! She also does custom prints so if you do not see something on there, or if you see something but you want different colors/fonts/etc, then just send her a message and she will work with you.

Go check out Cristina's shop - Pretty Prints Shop - on etsy today!!!!!!

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