Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Clayton at 19 months!

Well, the day has come where I just can't keep up with all of the new and exciting things that Clayton does and learns, because this kid is phenomenal! Ok, I may be biased, but seriously! He learns new words, does new things, remembers EVERYTHING.... and this is daily or hourly! I was keeping a "note" on my iPhone that had every little change he made, but I just can't keep up anymore! Plus, I must admit, I left it open on my phone one day and Clayton deleted it. Haha! Here are a few highlights from his month!

- Knows the colors: blue, green, red, purple, sometimes orange.
- Can count to 4 by himself
- Favorite activity is walking to the pumpjack by the house and telling us that the pumpjack goes "up and down", and then he does the motions himself of up/down.
- Weighed 24 lbs (23th percentile) and was somewhere around 31" tall (24th percentile) at his 19 month checkup. His head was only the 15th percentile, hehe. Our doctor likes to do 19 month to encompass 18 and 20 in terms of development.
- Scored all "excellent" on his development checklist at the doctor and got a 23/23 on the Autism assessment. That's awesome! No worries with this kiddo!
- Can easily say over 100 words. Repeats EVERYTHING you say. Luckily no cuss words yet since we hardly ever cuss!
- Was a Ghostbuster for Halloween! (Little Sister was a ghost!)
- Loves, loves, loves CANDY. What a little sugar hound!
- Eats with a fork (spork really...) and does a pretty good job! Yay!
- Tries to put his shoes on himself... getting close!
- Puts full sentences together. Noun, verb, etc! Exciting! Today he told me "Nana color pretty!" while looking at my mom's sidewalk chalk art on the concrete! ;-)
- Still wears a size 3 diaper, size 4 at night. Size 6 shoe (getting small). Size 18mo pants and shirts.
- Is obsessed with the Bearkats. Tells us everyday, "Go bearkats! Go fight win!"
- Says "whoop" when we show him the gig 'em sign and says "whoop" when he sees the Aggies on tv!
- In the alphabet song knows all the rhyming ones: g, p, v, z, and then "me" at the end when you say "next time won't you sing with me". Also knows ABC and the beginning
- Can walk up the stairs by himself
- Still obsessed with airplanes and tractors.
- Favorite food is probably mandarin oranges! Or green beans!

I'm sure there are so many more things. Clayton just amazes us day after day. We never know what he'll come up with next! He is still a wonderful big brother and truly looks after his little sister! We love him so much!!

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