Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So I don't forget...

Life has been "happening" too fast lately. I feel like I can hardly catch my breath, but I want to ensure that I remember all of these treasured moments that are taking place. Reagan's 5 month post has been written for about a week but I haven't had time to edit her photos and upload them... so there it sits. Our house has been FULL lately: Full of laughter, full of people, full of messes, full of love.....

We had Reagan's baptism this weekend. It was so much fun to have everyone come in and celebrate with us. She was beautiful in the dress that her Gia adorned for her. This will be a whole other post by itself, but I just had to mention how fun it was and how glad we are that our beautiful baby girl is now a member of God's family.

Reagan and Clayton are interacting so much lately and it just MELTS my heart each time I see them playing. Reagan gave us her first belly laughs at none other than her big brother this past month. She loves him and he loves her. He asks for her every day. He watches over her at daycare. He gives her kisses and hugs. Last night I put them in the bath together, using Reagan's whale tub inside Clayton's big tub! It was so fun! My intent was to quickly get them both bathed since Darren wasn't home but half way in they began playing and laughing so hard. I video'd them for about 6 minutes before my camera said I was out of memory. It was the most precious thing! They are going to be such good friends, and yet such big enemies! ;-)

We love both of our blessings from God so much. I know that life is crazy right now since I am taking 6 hours of grad school, working full time, and taking care of my two babies... but it is SO WORTH IT. Wouldn't change anything for the world. I am so happy with my wonderful family!

By the way... wouldn't be near as happy if I didn't have my wonderful husband helping me along the way, and making me feel like the most loved woman on this planet. =)

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  1. I have a houseful of kids and I must say that my favorite thing is the sibling bonds that have developed over the years. They are stronger than anything else.