Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Clayton at 17 months!

Oh my goodness.... Our little boy's vocabulary took off this month! He is now saying well over 50 words, over and over. We can't believe how smart he is, how quick he picks up on things, and how much of a parrot he is! We just adore him! He is so much fun! Here are just the things that I managed to write down so that I would remember! ;-)

- Can tell you where they are on his body, and say, these parts: Nose, ear, eye, mouth, head, pupeck (belly button), hiney, wee-wee (Nana's term!), toes, teeth.
- Puts together sentences! "Thunder all gone", "Sister bite!" (trying to give his sister a bite of his food), "Bye daddy!", "Sister wake!" (at daycare when she wakes him up!)
- Loves to have races now thanks to Miss Liliana! We say "ready" and he says "Two, go!". haha... kind of gets those mixed with one two three - which he can also tell you in succession!
- Loves to sing the apple song. Tells us that baby comes after apple and cookie comes after baby. (It's a song to teach the abc's and their sounds)
- Calls Pearl when she gets a few steps from us on our walks. Pearl is "Puuhllll"
- Can run our iPhone better than we can! We can slide it open and he will slide the pages to find his game then press the button to start his game!
- Went poopoo on the potty once! Will tell us when he has to go or when he has already gone by saying "poopoo" and grabbing at his diaper. Runs to the potty and says "peepee" and "poopoo".
- Says: flower, bee, uncle, beer, chicken, love you (wo wo), milk, car, bless you, hungry, dog, waffle, Piper, Gaga (Andrea), truck, ride, go, drive, diaper, poopoo, sticker, ball, puffs, no, Elmo, more, get, bird, oh no!, move (moo), sorry, cow, big, pool, swimming (mimin), open, round, all gone, Sarah (rara), broke
- Makes a smacking noise when he gives us kisses
- Knows "see ya" means bye! We say see ya and he tells us bye!
- Tells us "no".. quite often! Will tell other people/kids no when they are doing something he doesn't want them to do!
- Can eat yogurt with a spoon by himself!!
- Gave Liliana kisses when we visited them.... match made in heaven! ;-)
- Raises his hands and shrugs his shoulders to say "all gone"
- Please and thank you are immediate words when he wants anything!
- Anything in a can or a bottle that Daddy drinks is a beer. He will say "beer.. mmmm!!" haha. Apparently he likes the taste of beer!
- Still mostly 12mo clothes, size 3 diaper, size 6 shoe. Some 18 month like PJ's and some tshirts
- Likes to call people on the phone... until they answer! Then he gets shy and won't talk!
- Still loves his sister so much. Knows her cry and gets upset at daycare when she cries.

What a month it has been. We are so blessed with such a smart, fun, cute, sweet little boy! Here's to what the next month will hold! Love you my Clayton Scott!

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