Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Starting Solids!

This past Sunday we started Clayton on his rice cereal! He did a great job! At first he was mad because even though he drank his usual 6 ounce bottle, he was still hungry and the rice cereal was not fulfilling him fast enough. However, he still did great! He impressed us by leaning for the spoon with his mouth open and getting the spoonful down in two bites! He really has been doing great!

After the first night of rice cereal I thought for sure that he'd sleep through the night, or at least longer than 10pm to 4am. So, we carted ourselves upstairs and we slept in the guest room while Clayton slept in his crib. This was by far the worst sleep I have had since he was a week old. I was up every two hours. If I wasn't checking on him then the monitor was going off and waking me up. He did ok and slept his normal until 4am. Last night we were so exhausted that we brought him back downstairs into our room and his pack n play. I really hate that his room is on the second story and ours is on the first. I wouldn't ever build my house this way but the family who did build its kids were all grown up.... so it made sense!

First official night in his crib
He ate more of the cereal tonight so I am hoping that with each passing night he'll eat more and more and it will fill him more and more. Just have to find a way to break him of his 4am habit! I don't know if you can do that though! Oh well! Another new mom thing to learn and figure out! ;-)

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