Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moving Out

The time has come. Clayton no longer requires night time feedings and he has outgrown his cradle. Cue the crying from this first time mom! My baby boy is growing up so fast! Although he's not entirely sleeping through the night, he does make it until about 5am. At that point in time I wake up and give him back his paci and he goes back to sleep until morning when we get him up. I am hoping that with the addition of rice cereal soon that he will make it all night, or at least until 6 or 7am! I'm not ready for him to leave yet (after all if he's been extra quiet I do still make sure he's breathing, haha!), but I know it's best for him and best for us! I do miss my alone time with my hubby!

So, my wonderful blogging mothers.... any advice for how to cope, how to make the move to his crib/own room easier on him and me? Any tips for getting him to sleep straight through the night?

Thanks in advance! We go to the doctor soon and so I hope to get the green light on rice cereal! =) Yahoo!

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  1. There really isn't an easy way to do it... Just put him in his crib and see what happens. The rice cereal should help him sleeping longer. Just make sure you have the monitor handy and don't freak out when he actually does sleep all night! Or if he doesn't. Ha ha. It may take some adjusting for everyone, but you will be happier when it's done!