Thursday, October 4, 2012

Clayton at 18 Months!

Oh my goodness gracious.... I must stop for a moment and not cry from the thought that my baby will be two in less than half of a year. Oh my! Clayton has continued to amaze us with how fast he learns things, how he remembers EVERYTHING, and how just darn cute he is! Here are some highlights from the last month:

- Puts two words together now! Tells everyone "hi/bye" and their name. Ex: Hi Daddy!
- Says: towel, play, Charley, aw man, big tractor, "Pop voovoo ride!", blocks, hug, Ok!, truck, chalk, color, keys, knee, rain, goat, night-night (old one), pretty, ah-choo!, candle, purple, Revy (Reveille), orange, rock, Yee haw!, juice, cool, hat, alright!, oh boy!, whoa cool!, pump jack, bearkat, go bearkats!, candy, Granny (Nanny), Here sister! (or whomever!), Ok sister!, baby (dolls are baby's), mine (we hate this word!)
- When we cut the tip of a paci to see what he would do he took it out, shook his head and said "Oh no, babi!", then asked for another one!
- Loves to sing! Favorite songs are "Doe, a deer" (which he knows movements to and knows that Me comes after Ra), "Old McDonald" (sings e-i-e-i-o in key after you say Old McDonald), "Itsy bitsy spider"
- Knows and does all of the motions to "patty cake" by himself
- Made Sister laugh and laugh HARD! Makes her giggle all of the time!
- Pooped on the potty a few more times! Yahoo!!!! Tells us when he has pooped most of the time though..
- Said that "b" came after "a" and "c" came after "b"
- Knew which truck was the red tuck in a whole pile of cars
- Knows blue, purple, and red (Sometimes confuses green with blue)
- Picky eater with textured foods! Won't eat apple sauce, oatmeal, potato soup!
- Asks for "candy" all of the time!
- Knows who drives which vehicle (Mommy's car, Daddy's truck, Pop's truck)
- Wakes up and asks for "go go" which is the cat in the hat TV show. We only watch it when we're getting dressed in the morning for daycare
- Wears mostly 12 month pants still because 18 months fall off his waist! Still size 3 diaper, size 6 shoe, mostly 18 month shirts
- Loves, loves, loves baby sister
- Runs the iPhone better than most adults and has his own! We took one of our old ones and turned it on airplane mode then downloaded his favorite apps: Elmo calls, Johnny tractor, anything Fisher Price, pre-school memory game, PBS kids. He can push the home button, slide to unlock, find his app, play it! Then when he is done he hits the home button and then the lock button on top. Smarty pants!!!!
- Loves wrestling on our bed
- Loves to "honk" people's noses!
- Obsessed. OBSESSED. With tractors!
- Gets quiet when we tell him to look at Jesus on the cross during church. He repeats us that it is "Jesus" up there!

I'm not sure I will ever be ok with him growing up, but it is SO fun to watch him change. He is just so stinkin' smart and cute! We love him to the moon and back!!!!

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