Friday, August 3, 2012

Clayton at 16 months!

I didn't think our little boy could possibly get any cuter, but it seems to me as if he is! ;-) He is so much fun, so outgoing, so wild and crazy, and so smart! Here's what has happened in the last month!

- Immediately says "please" and "thank you" when he wants something and immediately says "thank you" when you hand him something.
- Says mommy & daddy all of the time. Calls us when he wants us!
- Says wow, Mimi (Britni), again, all done, outside (owdie), opa, nana, oma, pop, bite, airplane (a-pane), elephant (e-phant), snack, bubble, bug, Nelly (my Aunt's cat, haha), cracker, puppy, water, yummy, Pearl (our dog), book
- Tells us that three comes after two which comes after one! Alright! We can count!
- Tackles Pop
- Does the "stanky leg" when prompted, haha
- Talks on the telephone (pretends!)
- Call your paci your baby... not sure why but it's kinda cute! We did not teach you this!
- Rode on four long airplane rides to and from New York and LOVED it!
- Get so impressed by new things and say "wooooowwww!"
- Love to pet animals
- Still give Sister kisses all of the time
- Drink milk like it's going out of style!
- Still wearing mostly 12mo clothes, some 18mo. Size 6 shoe. Size 3 diaper.
- LOVES craisins and cookies! hehe
- Having some temperament issues... we are quite opinionated and too smart for our own good! ;-)
- Still a monkey! Climbing on everything!
- Tell us "bye bye" immediately when you think someone is leaving or if you think you're leaving
- Run everywhere, smile all day every day
- Hoard paci's!!!! You love having multiple pacis in your hands and one in your mouth!

We love you so much, even though you are a little stinker at times! You are the best big brother to your sister and we couldn't be happier!

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