Saturday, July 7, 2012

Clayton at 15 months!

Oh my goodness, have our lives been busy or what?! Our little man is keeping us on our toes for sure! Clayton is changing and learning new things on a daily basis. It is so fun to see what he'll learn next! He is such a sponge right now and says and does everything that we do. He also is becoming quite the assertive little toddler! ;-) Gotta love him!

Clayton, my baby boy, at 15 months you:

- Are 22lbs. 3 oz. and 28" long!
- Say: pea-pie, cookies, please, sister, duncan (at daycare), two, daddy, choo-choo, shoes, uh-oh, thank you, ice, ucky, sit down
- Tell us that "two" comes after "one"!
- Make the choo-choo motion and noise whenever you see a train
- Blow on your food to cool it off
- Yell for Daddy when we are trying to find him
- Blow bubbles in the bath
- Go to your sister when she cries and give her a kiss
- Blow kisses and wave bye the second you think you're leaving or someone is leaving!
- Try to put the paci in sister's mouth
- Eat so much better! Loves to gnaw on apples, and will eat mashed potatoes like they're going out of style!
- Rub your chest when you say please, like the sign but not exactly!
- Drink milk like a champ!
- No more bottles! YAY!
- One nap per day for about 3 hours
- Make the funniest horsey sound "neighh..... pfft" (raspberry noise like the horse snorted)
- Love making a mess. Gets out every toy, every book...
- RUNS everywhere. Always on the go!
- Gives the BEST hugs and kisses ever!
- Sleep with your Reveille pillow-pet every night
- Sleep from about 9pm to whenever we wake you up! One Saturday morning it was 10:30!!
- Would live outside on the swing if we would let you!
- Climb!!! Climb into chairs, up onto the footstools and one day onto the entertainment center! Yikes!
- Still love baths and splashing water
- Wear mostly 12mo clothes (some 18mo) and a size 3 diaper. Size 6 shoe.
- Finally wear a cap without complaining! ;-)
- Sleep in t-shirts and shorts: no more footed pj's! This makes Mommy sad because you look like such a big boy!
- Are the most adorable, fun, loving, smart little boy! We love you!

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